Insure your house against any future damage with a fully comprehensive service. We inspect, treat, and prevent, to keep your home safe and secure. Protecting your biggest investment!


   -   In-depth inspection - to understand the level of infestation (if any).

   -   Treatment - we can stop them, or stop them from ever starting.

   -   Ongoing prevention - protecting your biggest asset... your home.

  Free inspection

★  Control/Prevention

★  Protect your home

★  Award winning service

★  Best price guarantee

Orlando Best Termite Control Services


- Award Winning Service -

- Fully insured -

- We'll beat any price -

★  Recurrence prevention


In the U.S. alone, termites cost property owners more than $5billion each year. Here at Beacon we help you by:

  • conducting a fully comprehensive inspection on your home completely free of charge.

  • providing you with an in-depth report on your current situation, and (if necessary) recommending the best solution for your specific home.

  • leaving you with our expert's top tips for keeping your home safe long into the future!

In God We Trust