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Our Services

Pest Control

We specialize in both Pest Prevention and Pest Control.

  • ants, cockroaches, spiders, fleas & more.
  • child and pet friendly pesticides.
  • non-intrusive - you don't have to be home.


Don't let termites eat you out of house and home. Stop them now!

  • underground, in furniture, or windows and doors.
  • termite control and/or prevention.
  • get your free termite inspection.


Don't get bitten in your yard.

  • attracted to ponds, potted plants, tree holes and sprinkler heads.
  • targetted prevention.
  • get your free inspection.

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Bed Bugs

We can save your bed, your furniture and your home.

  • hiding in suitcases, clothes, boxes, etc.
  • we treat them until they're 100% gone.
  • once they're gone, they won't come back - guaranteed.

Rodent Removal

Protect your family from these harmful, disease ridden vermin.

  • seal all entry points.
  • baiting and trapping.
  • disinfecting, sanitizing and cleansing your home.

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Wildlife Trapping

Humane wildlife trapping, removal and relocation.

  • raccoons, possums, bats, squirrels, snakes and more.
  • humane.
  • eviction is guaranteed.

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