Coronavirus Disinfecting and Sanitization


Disinfecting and Sanitization



Coronavirus Protection

We use a professional DSV fogging system that is highly effecting against disease causing bacteria, including Covid-19 (Coronavirus).

If your home or workplace has been compromised by someone showing symptoms of Covid-19, we can help to eradicate the threat and stop it from spreading through our disinfecting and sanitization process.

Our highly trained technicians have all of the protective exquipment, workwear and training necessary to disinfect and sanitise your home or workplace from Covid-19 and are available to protect you today!

Your service includes:

Full home fogging to protect your entire home or workplace from the spread of Covid-19, including door handles, worktops, banisters, etc.

  Domestic & Commercial

★  Protects against Covid-19

★  All-in-one solution

★  Award winning service

★  Best price guarantee

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E. Coli

Hepatitus B

Hepatitus C

Avian Flu



SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19)