There are several known species of termites in Florida. The havoc they wreak can go undetected for a long time. Our Technicians know how to spot the warning signs in advance.

termite control in orlandoTermites can sometimes go years without being detected until the real damage has been done.  These silent, wood destroying organisms can be found underground, in walls or furniture, or swarming around outlets, windows or doors once the colony matures. Here at Beacon we have the most effective methods of treating an infested home, as well as, applying preventative treatment to ensure that your home does not become the new feeding ground for wood destroying organisms. The best time to take care of a Termite situation is before you know that you have one.  An ounce of prevention is worth several times the cost of repairing the damage Termites leave in their wake. Termites cause an average of $5 Billion in damage every year in the United States.

Did you know that Termites cause more damage in the United States than tornadoes, earthquakes, and fires combined? The cost of repairs and the time it takes to fully restore your home will be more than you were prepared for. Repairs often take weeks to months depending on the damage and costs can be well into the thousands.

The best solution is to have one of our qualified Technicians perform a FREE Termite inspection on your home to determine if your home has Termites and what the best course of action is to protect your greatest investment.

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