Let Beacon protect your family from these harmful pests! We ensure that you will receive the best service, at the best price!

Beacon Pest Services takes much pride in the way we treat and effectively remove rats and/or mice from families homes and commercial businesses. Rats and Mice are infamous for being carriers of various diseases and viruses that can infiltrate your home or commercial business. Rats, mice and other rodents also pose a great threat to the physical safety of families and employees by chewing through all types of electrical wiring. This poses a dangerous risk of starting an electrical fire. Beacon Pest Services is here to protect your home, your family, and even your commercial business from these type​s​ of dangers.
Beacon Pest Service’s success in removing rodents from homes and commercial businesses is due to several reasons:

We do a thorough inspection of the inside and outside of your home and commercial business. We also inspect the attic and the roof. Many people do not know that rodents come in and out of the home or commercial businesses

through entry points on top of the roof. We look for any potential entry points and signs of the rodents that indicate to us where the infestation is happening. We will then educate our valued customers on where they are coming in and other potential areas that they may be getting into.

Did you know that mice can fit into a hole the size of a dime? Did you know that a rat can fit into a hole the size of a quarter? If their​ head will fit, they work their magic and can squeeze their body so they can fit into the smallest of places. After our free inspection, we do offer our services to fulfill our professional recommendation of where we seal up (exclusion) all of the entry points around the home or commercial business. We highly recommend this service and provide a written guarantee on all work. This is a crucial step in the solution of your problem, and our exclusions prevent future occurrences from happening. We have many different methods of sealing up the entry points. We guarantee our work for 10 years! When you seal up the entry points you may also see savings on your power bill due to significantly reducing the cool and hot air you are paying for from leaving your home or commercial place of business.

Each home and trapping case, is different. Most of the time,​ trapping the rodents is the most effective means, especially if the entry points have been sealed. We trap any remaining rodents in the attic or place of dwelling. We use a variety of baits that are extremely effective and enticing for the rodents. At first, this can appear to take longer than desired as rats are very leery of anything new in their environment and will initially avoid these baits until they get used to these traps being in their surroundings. Beacon Pest Services schedules multiple follow up appointments to check these traps several times as needed. We have also demonstrated an effective use of using rat/mice bait stations on the outside of the house. After a thorough inspection may use one or both methods to rid your problem of rats and/or mice.

Here at Beacon Pest Services, we use a powerful disinfectant, sanitizer and virucide to help rid any potential dangers left behind by these rodents through their urine and feces. This commercial grade product is industrially tough enough to sanitize any surface that may have the Hantavirus, or other potentially dangerous diseases left behind. We have a high tech fogger that will disinfect your entire attic and we can also disinfect ​anywhere else on the inside or outside of your home or commercial business. We will disinfect any areas where there are feces or urine. We truly care about each client we have, and we make sure each person we service is safe from the aftermath of what rodents can leave behind after we successfully remove them from the residence or commercial place of business.
We provide premier services where we make sure these rodents do not return. We follow through and rebait the bait stations, reexamine the premiss to assure there are ​no other entry points, and make sure you are continuously rodent free!
Let Beacon Pest Services protect your family from these harmful pests! We ensure that you will receive the best service, at the best price!

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