All of Beacon Pest Services come with a Best Price, Best Service Guarantee!

Both our Flea and Tick Treatment come with a 30 Day Guarantee for your ENTIRE home after our 3 scheduled treatments.

Our German Cockroach Treatment is Guaranteed when your home is serviced 3 consecutive times (4-5 with extreme infestations) with each treatment no more than 7-14 day apart from each other. The guarantee is enforced after the initial treatment, the recommended follow ups and once our valued customers get on a quarterly plan, with this plan you will have free in between services.

Our American & Smoky Brown Cockroach Treatment can receive our Pest Free Guarantee after only 1 initial interior and exterior treatment.  Two initial treatments may be required for particularly bad infestations. The guarantee comes with the quarterly plan with free in between services. Please call for details.

Not sure if you have German Cockroaches or American Cockroaches?  You can usually tell by their accents when they speak or you can click  for a picture of a German Cockroach and American Cockroach Our Ant Treatment is Guaranteed when your home is serviced no more than 3 consecutive times with each treatment no more than 7-14 day apart from each other and then once you get on a quarterly plan with the free in between services.

Our Rat and Mice Trapping requires 2 weeks of initial trapping. Want to make sure that they never come back?  Ask us about our Seal-Up and Exclusion Treatment to make sure every entry point is sealed up. This comes with a 3 Year Guarantee when we seal up all of the possible entry points!

Our Bee Treatment Service also includes a 3 Month Guarantee!  A guarantee sweeter than honey!

Wildlife Trapping and Removal for Raccoons, Armadillos, Possums, Squirrels, Feral Cats, Moles and Gopher includes 2 weeks of trapping!

Our Bed Bug Treatment also comes with a 30 day guarantee!

(This picture is to show you how we de web homes with the spider webs and knock down hard to reach wasp nests. If needed, will do this as part of your initial and quarterly treatments. Our technicians are detailed with the way we treat homes. If the eaves are way too high, we may not be able to get to these areas. However, we can reach most areas.)