Beacon Pest Services is currently protecting many business’ from harmful pests.

We know how important it is for any business not to have any bugs while their valued customers are present. We have years of experience and take much pride in providing the best service at the best price out there, and we are determined to make your business pest free. If you look at our logo, it is a shield. It is a sign of protecting families and businesses from all the harmful pests out there. We find poisonous spiders out in front of businesses in windows, we see rodents and cockroaches time and time again infest a business before business owners even know it’s happening. We are here to ‘shield’ your business’ reputation by keeping your working environment pest free! We provide all the same services that we provide for residential homes. You name it, we service it!
If you have a problem with any type of pest, CALL US TODAY at 407-602-7703 to schedule a FREE INSPECTION or a service. We are here to work hard for you and fight for your business to make sure you have no worries whether or not your customers will see bugs in your business. We use the best commercial grade products in the industry, and our highly trained and skilled technicians will show you how detailed our services are. We are determined to gain your trust and your business!

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